Sunday, 18 April 2010

To Kew

Went down to Kew this week and discovered the nosegay garden. It was so exciting. Exactly what we want to create - a mix of the modern culinary and the traditional herbalist.

Encouraging, too. Our garden may not be as neat and our chervil and mandrake are pygmies compared with Kew's specimens, but we have a majority of the plants already in our plot and more in the seed trays waiting to germinate.

On the sale side, there is encouragement, too. We at last have some sellable chervil, our dill seedlings are coming along nicely - most of the herbs we plan to offer are now available. Our mandrake continues to thrive, too.

We have uprooted the plants once already to re-pot. Tradition says mandrake can kill if dug up - people are supposed to have used their dogs to pull up roots so they would die if the curse struck. I do have a cold. Maybe the curse is in proportion to the size of the root.

Monday, 5 April 2010

Leicester farmers's market

Very much enjoyed our first Leicester Farmers' Market - apart from the biting wind and pouring rain.

It was heartening to find out how many people are interested in herbs of all kinds and how knowledgeable so many are about them.

Tarragon seems to be our most popular species, closely followed by sweet cicely and garlic chives. Plenty of requests, too, which will keep us busy in the greenhouse and potting shed before we return with a double header - Leicester on May 6 and Kibworth two days later.

Sian's herbal hares were a hit, too, and we will press ahead with a batch of insect repellent sachets. Grow Your Own Drugs is going to be required viewing.


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