Tuesday, 14 December 2010

The trouble with craft fairs...

....is that that you always end up spending any money you make on the fab products on other people’s stalls.
This week, for instance, we have been at Oakham, Kibworth and Uppingham and look what we found:

Beautiful stained glass robin from Cathi at Shedglas Design

Spiced, herb-filled Christmas bauble (or three) from Jo at Maid in England

Lovely blue pottery candle holder

Yummy Christmas pudding fudge -you can smell the rum the minute you open the box

This dinky ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ badge from Rhubarb Designs, Leicester

And last but not least, this reindeer from a very nice man in a narrow boat near Kibworth.

We also bought Myrtle a plague rat from Dougals Den in Oakham. I would show you a picture but she gets so excited playing with it the photo goes all blurry.

Friday, 10 December 2010

Soap frenzy!

In the thick of the sales season with our soaps at the moment, with Kibworth farmers market and three big sales to go before we can put our feet up - and, more importantly, start to think about our herbs for next spring and what the frost has been doing to our polytunnel.

Soap sales have gone far better than we had anticipated, thanks to Sian's enticing recipes- so much so that we have had to frantically make more to ensure we are fully stocked for Stamford Christmas Market on Sunday, Oakham late-night shopping on Monday and Leicester Christmas farmers market on December 22.

This is what out kitchen looks like at the moment. And the living room. And the "storeroom" (i.e. third bedroom).


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