Sunday, 20 February 2011

Time to wake up

The garden is beginning to emerge from hibernation and it feels as though we are, too. Mints are starting to send up shoots, so is the tarragon and the elecampane. The sweet cicelies are starting to push up from their shady spots and we are on the lookout for the first of the ramsons.

We are sowing like mad, including quite a few new species that we are trying this year, such as horehound, mugwort, motherwort and red orache. We are also adding a new type of basil a blue, to go with the African blue that went very well last year. This new variety is supposed to have an excellent flavour. We will report back.

To give us the space we need, we have taken on a Victorian greenhouse at our friend Sandra's farm. This is a very exciting development for us - a major expansion that means we might finally get our patio back!

Sales are being finalised. We will be at Leicester Farmers' Market on the first Thursday of each month and Kibworth Farmers' Market on the third Saturday. That's a change of date and there is also a new venue - the old Grammar School in the centre of the village.

We will be at the University of Leicester Botanic Garden plant fair on July 3 and a range of fairs and events to be comnfirmed.


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