Monday, 15 March 2010

A day out at Launde Abbey

We made our first visit to Launde Abbey as volunteers gardeners today. We are creating a herb garden there using typical Victorian plants, although today was more about sizing up the scale of the exercise (considerable) and putting in a few basic planst such as mint, rosemary and thyme.

Pictures posted when I have had time to upload them.

They are looking for more volunteers to help out while the gardener is on long-term sick leave - and there is plenty of garden to look after. So anyone interested should get in touch with Launde Abbey directly.

It is a fantastic setting and it is going to be great fun to pop over, add plants and create a herb garden on a scale that is simply not available anywhere else.

If you are there for a retreat or one of their open days, please go and have a look at our work. But maybe not yet - there is a long way to go before it starts to look like a proper hareb garden.

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