Friday, 15 April 2011

oh happy day

Went out this morning and found seedlings! Lots of them. Eyebright we had had already, and borage, but now we have angelica, purslane, par-cel, betony, wormwood, clary sage and lots more, including, best of all, comfrey.

Add that to lemon grass indoors, and mandrake, which has been in our bathroom for the past month - to the bemusement of the fitters putting in our new kitchen.

Tarragon has come up everywhere, cuttings of southernwood have taken well and we are well-stocked with beautiful old favourites such as lady's mantle and viper's bugloss.

Stock levels are beginning to build up, which is crucial commercially as well as gratifying personally.

It has been particularly satisfying to talk to customers from last year who have reported how well plants they bought from us survived the winter and are thriving in the early warm weather.

We are going to have our widest and most interesting range of herbs yet this year - just as well given we are doing more plant fairs and markets than ever.

We will be at plant fairs in Market Harborough throughout the summer, the University of Leicester Botanic Garden and - the furthest we have ever been - Market Deeping, as well as our usual Leicester and Kibworth farmers' markets and Leicester Food Festival on May 29.

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