Sunday, 30 October 2011


I’m hopeless. There, I’ve said it. My life is full of things which I started in a rush of enthusiasm, only to abandon them a couple of months later - or weeks, even - in favour of something shinier and new.
There’s the garden journal, which I faithfully pledged to keep updated. I found it the other day - I managed to write most of January before it got forgotten. There’s the stepper I bought from QVC. It seemed brilliant. Step my way to fitness while watching the TV, I thought. Where is it now? Gathering dust under the spare bed upstairs.
There’s this blog. Ooh, I thought. A Blog. I will write all about our herb garden, our sales, soaps, recipes, and my herb projects. And what’s happened? I’ve put up a few - admittedly cute - pictures of our cat. It’s like looking at the snaps on my fridge door.
All this is a very roundabout way of admitting how remiss I’ve been on the blog front. No more. From now on, there will be lots of posts about all things herb related and our continuing efforts to turn this hobby into a way of life. And if anyone reads it, it’ll be a bonus.
Here's a picture of a marigold, for no other reason than it looks cheery.

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